Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Left my Heart of Redwood in San Francisco

An incredible project out of San Francisco: Citizens are asked to count and "map" every tree in the city. One of my favorite smells is that of astringent Eucalyptus and Redwood covered in fog as one drives down Park Presidio. . So, my San Franciscans, map your trees! 

Every tree in San Francisco will soon be accounted for online, thanks to a new, Wikified project that aims to plot them all.
The Urban Forest Map will officially launch Wednesday, drawing on tree information collected by the city of San Francisco and Friends of the Urban Forest, a non-profit group. Though the project is getting its start in the Bay Area, the site will head to other major cities in the coming months.
“We’re going to publish the most up-to-date data from our data sources. Then, from that point on, we’re going to allow the community to add and edit and update that information,” said Amber Bieg, the project manager of the Urban Forest Map project. “It’ll become a tree census from the community and function like a Wiki.”

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